Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Look Who is Driving!

I had a "Sunrise - Sunset" experience this weekend when my granddaughter, Rhianna, drove my car home from Colorado Springs. Sixteen year old Rhianna got her learner's permit in July and is driving as often as possible. However, watching her maneuver through high traffic on Interstate 25 from Colorado Springs into the heart of Denver I remembered this photo taken at the mall one day.  Where does the time go?

We went to Colorado Springs to watch Ashlyn perform with the Denver School of the Arts mixed choir and vocal jazz groups at the Colorado Music Educators conference at the Broadmoor Hotel.
The singing was amazing.  Ashlyn is now a senior and their vocal groups are outstanding!

 Ashlyn in vocal jazz attire

Here to enjoy the singing George, who graduated from the School of the Arts last year, Ashlyn, Michelle and Rhianna

Remember to cheer for the Denver Broncos on Sunday when they will be playing in the Superbowl! Reise found his Bronco football and looks to me like a potential all star quarterback!  Bronco shirts will be the family attire when we watch them play.

I have definitely become too invested in the TV series SUPERNATURAL because I feel heartsick that Sam and Dean are at odds.  The episode "Sharp Teeth" aired last night and the ending left me feeling blah!  If you didn't watch it you might want to even though it was different from the last three episodes which have been outstanding. I am anxious to watch the next episode because I do love Supernatural. I'll be glued to the TV set next Tuesday when Sam and Dean go undercover to work at a Spa.  Looks like it will be one of the funny shows and Sam will be sporting work out clothes while Dean works in the kitchen wearing a hairnet.  Seriously? 

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