Monday, March 23, 2015

Family events and special photos:

In which Rosabelle is born, Ashlyn is preparing to appear in 2 operas this Spring at the San Francisco Music Conservatory, I join Silver Sneakers, Hannah and Sadie see the new Cinderella movie, Sophie and Reise are cookie makers, and I am working on a new children's book.

I have a new great granddaughter, Rosabelle Olivia Kohl.


She was born just hours before her Daddy, my grandson Lance, was deployed with the Navy Seals on January 25, 2015.  This is Lance's 2nd child.  Logan is 2 years old.

I admire Caitlyn so much for the way she is dealing with a new baby, a new house, a 2 year old, and having Lance deployed as he is right now.  Caitlyn is a trooper and the babies, Logan and Rosabelle are simply adorable.

Day 5 of Silver Sneakers swimming:On May 5th I am traveling to San Francisco to attend my granddaughter, Ashlyn's,  first opera performance.  She is a freshman at the San Francisco Music Conservatory and she will be appearing in 2 operas this Spring.

I am determined to get into condition which will enable me to climb up and down the hills of San Francisco.  I have resolved to hulk up by joining Silver Sneakers and swimming 5 days a week so that I can travel around the city on my own.  Last year when I was in San Francisco my granddaughters pushed me around Fisherman's Wharf and Giradelli Square in a wheel chair.

This is NOT me... (Sophie diving into our swimming pool last summer)

Silver Sneakers is the perfect program for seniors.  The swimming program at my local recreation center is free with Silver Sneaker membership and I am enjoying it immensely.

The instructors and other swimmers are friendly and helpful.  I definitely feel the results of this unaccustomed exercise but feel sure that the more I exercise the less aches and pains I will have and the prospect of being able to travel up and down the hills of San Francisco on my own - not in a wheel chair - great motivation.  Obviously I have spent entirely too much time in my handy dandy recliner.  Even though I have a knee injury exercise is a better option for the knee than my recliner.

I just can't wait to
climb up the hills
in San Francisco.
I am working on writing a children's book about iPADs and kids... Reise and Sophie would spend all their time on the iPADS so I am encouraging them to do "real stuff" using some of the applications they have found on the iPADS. 

 We have been cooking up a storm of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies.  Along the way the grand kids are learning to measure, mix, scoop, and bake and finding recipes on the iPADS is a huge help.
I especially like the iBOOKS collection of recipe books which include videos.  In the olden days I learned to cook by watching my grandmother and Mom.  With the videos on the iPAD it is fun to watch TV's HGTV stars and learn how they assemble yummy recipes.  I especially enjoy the Pioneer Woman cookbooks and the Barefoot Contessa. 

My plan is to print books we make so that at least some of my photos get off my computer and will be available for the family when the current software becomes obsolete.

Here are my little cooks!
And here is a page out of our book.

Meanwhile, far away in San Diego, my Grandgirls, Hannah and Sadie are previewing the new Cinderella movie.  I wish they could come and cook with us but since their Mom and Dad own Philly Franks Cheese steak Restaurant they are probably getting a super background in cooking already!

Ashlyn and Danny both attend the San Francisco Music Conservatory.
I can't wait to go to her opera performance in May!
(Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming)