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January 2014 - Happy New Year and be sure to watch SUPERNATURAL!!

Another year has come and my resolution is to enjoy it!  I'm not getting older - I am getting better!
Really want to try to keep up with blogging.  I am inspired by Artful Blogging magazine and several popular blogs including Pioneer Woman and Humans of New York.

So here goes:

Christmas time photos - My son and Granddaughter playing with the bumper cars

Snow and cold photos - Christmas at Sherry's house in Silverthorn and from my balcony on January 2nd.

Denver Broncos in playoffs so the Bronco Mania is in full swing!

I am currently addicted to the TV series "Supernatural" starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  The show has been on hiatus through December leaving us with a cliff-hanger in which Kevin, the prophet of the Lord was killed and Sam was taken over entirely by the angel, Gadreel, who was supposed to be healing Sam. We've been counting down for 46 days and the new episode finally aired on Tuesday, January 14th with a wonderful episode called "Road Trip".  If you haven't watched it you might like it!

YIKES!  After all that waiting my TV couldn't show the Episode so my granddaughters and I celebrated the return by staying at the Hampton Inn in Denver just to watch it. Here's my granddaughter all propped up and waiting for it to start.

The music with all of the Supernatural episodes is amazing.  
This episode began with Bob Seger's "Famous Final Scene"
Dean is shown alone at Kevin's funeral pyre, smoke in his eyes and tears in mine.

Think in terms of bridges burned
Think of seasons that must end
See the rivers rise and fall
They will rise and fall again
Everything must have an end
Like an ocean to a shore
Like a river to a stream
Like a river to a stream
It's the famous final scene

AWESOME episode!

The music of this opening scene ties in with the gorgeous cinematography of the final scene which is at night on a bridge with rain falling.

Lighting Effects:
The lighting effects are amazing with golden light reflected in the rain and offset by the dark shadows on the bridge.  Bravo lighting crew!

Camera angles:
How do they do that?  Mixing close up shots and wide shots... shooting to portray the voices, gestures, facial expressions and flat out drama of the actors.  Hats off to the camera crew!

Absolutely fantastic Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark!  You otta be up for Oscars as far as I am concerned.
Sam leans against the bridge.  He is free of the angel who possessed him and Cass is healing Sam's injuries inflicted by the King of Hell, Crowley while working to evict the angel Gadreel.  The angel lied about who he was and Dean thought the only way to save his brother's life was by allowing the angel to heal Sam from within.  Dean is overcome with relief that Sam is free, grief at the death of Kevin who was killed by Gadreel, and guilt that he could have been so stupid even though he allowed the possession for all the right reasons.  Dean feels that he is poison to anyone who comes around him but vows to track Gadreel down alone. Sam is "pissed" that Dean tricked him into allowing a psyco angel to possess him.  Cass is supportive of both brothers as he identifies with Dean. Dean was "used" by the angel Gadreel who needed a vessel in which to hide from all the angels who have fallen to Earth.

When Sam tells Dean to "just GO" and Dean walks alone through the rain to the Impala - Oh, WOW... my heart is aching.

Once in a while we see filming like this.  I am reminded of Tom Welling in Smallville and the graveside scene in Season 7 which is beautifully filmed with Tom wearing black and snow falling on him and the grave of his father.  Just breath taking!  I have the same reaction to the final scene in "Road Trip" so beautifully crafted with the rainfall, reflected golden lights on the bridge and the river and the contrast of shadows in this dramatic ending.

Good job everyone!  I have to remind myself that this is a show and not real people I have come to care about.

Along with the drama episodes in Supernatural include wonderful humor which totally keeps me entertained.  The wordplay between Cass the angel and Crowley the King of Hell is an example. Crowley says the 3 Amigos ride again and Cass says "He's not my Amigo".

Dean was "used" by the angel Gadreel who needed a vessel in which to hide from all the angels who have fallen to earth just as Cass was "used' by the angel Metatron to cause all the angels to fall from heaven.  Dean says they were "dumb-asses"- Cass prefers to think of it as "trusting" less dumb and less ass.

From the smallest to the tallest of my family we were totally engrossed in watching "Road Trip"  Six year old Reise jumped up cheering when Cass punched Gadreel.  "YAY Cass... he got him!"  My granddaughters and my son all rewound so that they could watch the final scene again.

Reise imitates Cass punching Gadreel in Supernatural episode "Road Trip"

Be sure to watch Superntural on Tuesdays at 9:00 Mountain Daylight Time.

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