Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Events and Travels

Family Birthday Gathering and San Francisco Audition

Happy Valentine and President's Days everyone.  Reise and Sophie are enjoying the day off from school by playing with K Nexs and their X Box.

Chris turned 47 on February 9th and the family gathered for cake and singing. 

iPhoto by Lori Kohl
Chris is shown with Jillian, Sophie, Jordan, Caitlyn, Leah, Tawnie, baby Logan, Lance and Reise

iPhoto by Michelle Herd
Ashlyn, Ivan, and Rhianna in Chinatown

Michelle, Ashlyn, Ivan, and Rhianna traveled to San Francisco for Ashlyn's latest out of town audition at the San Francisco Music Conservatory.  They also visited Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, Cable Cars, and the Redwood Forest.

iPhoto by Rhianna or Michelle Herd

Other photos from the San Francisco trip sent to me by iPhone...

Rhianna at Chinatown

And, of course, San Francisco Cable Car...

Ashlyn also sang with the Colorado All State Mixed Choir so we have all been busy attending her events.  

Enjoying the talents of Colorado singers chosen for All State Choirs
Anne, Ivan, Ashlyn, George, Rhianna, and Michelle.  What an amazing group of high school students chosen to attend the 3 day event, stay at the Hyatt Hotel, and perform at the 
Denver Convention Center.

I am still waiting for Supernatural, Season 9, episode 14 to return from their latest hiatus...
In case you are counting down with me it is currently 8 days, 7 hours, 42 minutes and 5 seconds.

You may have seen the photo below on Facebook:

And Supernatural has officially been picked up for their 10th season!

In the meantime GRIMM is a fun TV series in which Nick, the GRIMM, faces off with all manner of ancient evils.  Try it - you might like it and it could help pass the time until Dean and Sam reappear on Tuesday, February 25th.  Season 3 of GRIMM returns on February 28th.  Seasons 1 and 2 of GRIMM are available on iTunes. Seasons 1 thru 8 of Supernatural are also available on iTunes or Netflix.

Retirement is weird! Truth to tell I have become a TV addict like my mother.  My mother was always glued to her TV and was not available to visit during the Soap Operas and game shows she watched everyday.  I never thought I would share this trait but with Netflix and iTunes it is possible to watch (and re-watch)any show of your liking at any time day or night and they are commercial free!  WHEEEEE

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